Q: I am having a new carpet. Should I have it fitted before or after the bedroom units are fitted?
It is best to have the carpet fitted after all the work has been completed.

Q: The carpet I have in my bedroom is not old and I would like to keep it. Would it be difficult for you fitting the units with the carpet in the room?
This would not cause us a problem as we would simply pull back the carpet and refit it around the new units.

Q: There is a radiator where I would like the bedroom units fitting. Would this cause a problem?
No, not at all. We would simply move the radiator to another part of the bedroom.

Q: I want to have the bedroom decorated. Should I do this before or after the work has been done?
I would recommend having the ceiling painted before the units are fitted as this would make it easier for the decorator.

Q: What if there are electric sockets where I want the units to be fitted?
We can move any electric sockets and fit additional ones if requested.

Q: When will you be a able to fit my bedroom?
Usually work can commence within one month, depending on our current fitting schedule.

Q: How long does it take you?
Between one to two days depending on the complexity of your design.

Q: Will my bedroom be clean and tidy when you‘ve finished?
Yes, we always leave our work in a clean and tidy condition. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction.

Q: If there are any problems will you fix them at no extra cost?
We can guarantee there will be no problems with any aspect of your new bedroom.

Q: Do I need to completely empty my bedroom of carpets, wardrobes etc before you begin?
Yes, ideally. However, we can arrange the removal of any existing fitted furniture.

Q: Do you make your own units?
All units are made by us to the highest standards and to besoke dimensions at our own off-site workshop.

Q: Can you fit similar units in my en-suite bathroom?
Yes, as an addition to fitting your bedroom we can match the units in your en-suite bathroom.

Q: Can you fit around any unusually shaped rooms or architectural features like chimney breasts etc?
Yes, we pride ourselves on our bespoke fitting. Please see examples on our gallery.

  We spend an enormous amount of time
in our bedroom, so maybe it should reflect who
we are, tailored to our individual lifestyle -
traditionally classic or vibrant and dynamic.
Thank you for the wonderful work in converting two bedrooms into show pieces. The speed and efficiency plus no mess afterwards were just a bonus to the transformation.
P.M. Stewert
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